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Masculinity, What Society Should Strive To Represent

American sportswriter, television reporter, and author Jeremy Schaap discusses how Bears DB Charles Tillman and Mets P R.A. Dickey have helped show the changing attitude toward machismo. A great example of the direction we as a society to look to for clarity on the masculine representation. Pioneers like Schaap should be appreciated for bringing this problem with the representation of masculinity. Although athletes are said to be poor individuals to be role models for society, Tillman and Dickey respectively are great fits.


Masculinity In Disney Films

This compilation of clips from Disney movies displays the image of masculinity that the renowned entertainment company portrays. Disney needs to take these ideas of sexism, strength and dominance that have existed in their films and influenced our youth to new heights. Caring, compassion and vulnerability need to be portrayed as valid parts of masculinity. This would indeed help mold our youth and break the cycle that leaves boys feeling physically inadequate and emotionally detached.

Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo

Body Structure

Body Structure

The New Male

“Funny Gay Guy” Adresses Masculine Gay Men



Gay Marriage

Gay Marriage

Now, quick question. Does associating oneself as or of the homosexual orientation lessen one’s masculinity?

The answer is: NO.

As mentioned before, the representation of men through different channels mostly focus on the ideal qualities that would make men appealing. Even though the homosexual community, male and female, have made great strides in the right direction towards being embraced by society it still has ways to go.

Take a moment and think about it. Which one of your friends or family member, or maybe even yourself, would associate homosexuality with masculinity? We’d go with a solid no, but whose to say.

Associated oneself with or of the homosexual orientation should not emasculate their rights as men. Homosexual men are masculine too.

The measurement of masculinity may vary dependent on the person, but most would NOT link it to masculinity. Especially if the masculinity that is being addressed is that of the ideal male today.

The Root Of Our Motivation

Here we have a branch of the stem of our problem! The construction of masculinity can be, and should be, recognized through popular ad campaigns like that of Old Spice.


Old Spice’s “Smell Like A Man, Man” campaign kicked off with the introduction of Isaiah Mustafa as the icon Old Spice Man, a representation of hegemonic masculinity. In today’s day and age where the representation of men, their tendencies, personality and much more, society has come to embrace all that the media portrays. As the Old Spice Man, Mustafa portrays the ideal male to be edgy, enticing, fit, confident and god like.


In a ploy to sell their body wash, Old Spice focused on creating this icon that men would strive to be and women would yearn without question. No one could be like the Old Spice Man, but they could use their product and possibly inherit SOME of his characteristics.


Although some individuals do indeed live up to the expectations of machismo by displaying the qualities and characteristics expected of the ideal masculine male, one that Old Spice does a damn good job at, these men do not exist. A fantasy is quite often referred to when it comes to advertisement such as Old Spice’s, misleading men and women of what a man is.